Together for Change!

Strategy Conference of Social Movements, 18th to 20th October 2019 in Berlin

[The Challenges]
Social challenges like climate change, the fortress Europe and the political swing to the right pose significant strategical challenges to social movements. The strategy conference offers a space to ask questions, learn from one another and find answers.

[The Conference]

Together with various activists from many different social movements we create a common thought space – for exchange across movements, mutual learning, joint reflection and forging plans. The focus is set on the diversity of effective strategical approaches to political action and the joining of our forces. Thus, the Bewegungsstiftung wants to make a contribution towards strengthening social movements.
The conference emphasizes working in small groups – the results of which will be pooled in regular plenary sessions – as well as other large group formats like fishbowl discussion.

[Organizational Matters]
There are still a few places left. Signup. The conference will take place in the convention centre Refo Moabit. We wish to make the conference accessible for everyone. Child care will be offered. The premises are low-barrier. Participation costs are graduated. There will be English translation and the option for further translation into other languages. Finally, there will be distinct spaces for exchange among FLTI* (women, lesbians, trans* & inter people) and BPoC (Black and People of Colour).

[Our Attitude]
Recognizing that structures of domination and mechanisms of exclusion are omnipresent and constantly reproduced by us all, we strive to create a space at the conference that is as egalitarian and aware, as well as error-friendly, as possible.


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