Organizational Matters

Enabling participation: A maximum of 230 persons can participate in the conference. We wish to make it accessible for everyone. Child care will be offered. The premises are low-barrier. Participation fees are graduated.The fee covers vegan catering, non-alcoholic drinks and rental cost for the location. All other costs (material, wages, advertisement etc.) will be borne by the Bewegungsstiftung. Further information on the application form.

Deadline for sign-up: 29.9.2019

Place: The conference takes place in the convention centre Refo Moabit. Here you can find a journey description.

Language: There will be English translation and the option for further translation into other languages. Finally, there will be distinct spaces for exchange among FLTI* (women, lesbians, trans* & inter people) and PoC (People of Colour).

Accommodation: The Bewegungsstiftung has reserved beds in the Haus der Jugend right next to Berlin central station, about 5 minutes by bus and 30 minutes by foot. Are you interested in staying at the Haus der Jugend? Please send a mail to info@bewegungsstiftung. Keep in mind that you will have to cover the accommodation cost yourself. 

Exclusion Clause: As the conference host we reserve the right to make use of our domestic authority ("Hausrecht") and exclude from the event such persons who pertain to parties or organizations of the extreme right, or who have in the past appeared with racist, nationalist, sexist, homo- and transphobic, antisemitic or islamophobic statements, as well as other expressions of contempt for human dignity.

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