Foto: Stay Grounded

Friday Evening, 18th October 2019

from 17:00 Arrival

from 18:00 Start

opening discussion - in small groups:

Which social challenges do we currently face?
How do we deal with them?
Which strategical approaches do we pursue?
Which questions do I bring to the conference?

Spotlights from the movements regarding effective strategies

Alassane Dicko (Mali) or Hassan Hammari (Marokko) – requested (both Afrique-Europe-Interact)
Delegate Fridays for Future – requested
Delegate Women’s Strike – requested
Delegate “Wann wenn nicht jetzt” campaign – requested

from 21:00
Open Space for Networking and Exchange

Saturday, 19th October 2019


9:00 Arrival

9:30 Start

Activists from different social movements are invited to deliver short inputs in small groups regarding the strategical challenges in their respective groups and organizations.

FLTI* (women, lesbians, trans* & inter people) space – for exchange

Peer Counselling

“In welcher Gesellschaft wollen wir leben?” (“Which society do we want to live in?”) – discussions across spectra and issues.
Where can we learn from one another?
How can we join forces?

PoC (People of Colour) space – for exchange

Evening from 20:00
Cozy closure and music
Open Space for Networking and Exchange

Sunday Morning, 20th October 2019

9:00 Arrival

9:30 Start

Barcamp – organized space for conversations, exchange and forging plans in small groups .

13:00 End

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